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Sketch Essentials

by Alexander Johmann

Extensions, plugins and techniques for the wonderful Sketch app that I use for my daily work as UX Designer at / IBM iX.



Supercharging Sketch and your workflow

by InVision LABS

Create interactive prototypes directly in Sketch and sync them to InVision. Create easily grids of repeating elements and fill it fast with pre-defined and custom data. Insert stock photos directly from Getty and iStock. Create and share a library of elements, icons, colors with your colleagues. And more…



Spotlight for Sketch to speed up your workflow

by Roy van Rooijen, Nikolas Klein, Sergi Miral, Hussain

Keyboard shortcut to find and jump directly to a page, an artboard, a group or an layer, insert and create symbols, apply styles and find and manage plugins.



Version control and collaboration – GitHub for Sketch

by Elastic Projects

Manage all your files and versions. Work together with colleagues in separate branches, track all changes and merge them into one master file. You need to sign up, for the collaboration features a paid plan (starts at $9/month) is necessary.

Copy & Paste Guides

Easily copy, paste or remove guides

by Enzio Rossa

Copy guides from one artboard to another or to all artboards.

Anima Launchpad & Auto-Layout


Auto-layout, flexbox and prototyping for Sketch

by Anima App

Auto-Layout lets you create stacks of elements with fixed spacing (similar to CSS Flexbox) and gives you detailed control of position size and resize-behavior of each element. Launchpad (Anima account needed) lets you create interactive high-fidelity and responsive prototypes including forms, videos and hover effects.

Sketch Measure

Sketch Mesasure

Specifications for teammates and developers

by Utom

With Sketch Measure you can rapidly create style-guides with dimensions, spacings and style information for your colleagues or clients.

Rename It

Rename artboards and layers

by Rodrigo Soares

Easily rename artboards and layers with lots of possibilities.



Color-blind simulator and contrast checker

by Michael Fouquet, Cat Noone, Benedikt Lehnert

Simulate various forms of color-blindness and check the contrast of background and foreground.

Icon Font

Search and insert icons from icon fonts

by Kerem Sevencan

Search and insert icons from different icon fonts like FontAwesome directly. It’s necessary that you install additional font bundles, which you can download here.



Hand-off designs to team members

by Zeplin

Export your Sketch artboards to Zeplin an share it with developers. Zeplin generates style guides (dimensions, spacings, colors, …) and also the according code developers could directly copy. To manage more than one project you’ll need a paid plan (starts at $17/month).